Bespoke Designs

We are specialists who engineer, manufacture and install the finest solutions in interiors for the most exceptional homes. From flawless bespoke interiors to beautifully crafted furniture,& furnishing we will impart a high-end luxurious look to your space.

A wide selection of high end designs of laser cut leather cladding, canvas padding, tufted padding for wardrobe which can be customized and installed by our expert team.

Leather finish embellished with mother of pearl wardrobe cladding for a luxurious look.

Customized cushions & throws made from high quality fabrics and leather customized to math your theme

Mood Boards

A set of suggestions and atmospheres evoking the style and inspiration of a project. Textures, colors and materials together create chromatic games to inspire new sensations, for mood boards which play with the pure shapes of our designs.

Corporate office

We are opening soon in Durgapur